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Emotion Code Healing

“The purpose of The Emotion Code is to release Trapped Emotions.
The Emotion Code is the future of energy medicine, we believe.
And it exists to help us reverse each accumulation of emotional baggage
that we all have with the releasing of each Trapped Emotion.
To make everybody lighter, to make everyone’s load lighter,
to bring everybody to a higher level of vibration all over the world, really.
This could help us to feel more in control of what emotions we experience,
and it could help us to automatically choose appropriate emotions
and to experience our feelings at an appropriate intensity for the situation.
So we are really creating freedom from that baggage that influences us all.

It is important to realize that we are not trying to delete or alter memories,
rather, The Emotion Code can help us by removing
the emotional charge of those memories.
So that you might be able to remember how you felt
without feeling it all over again, any time a memory surfaces.
Which may happen less and less.
Your subconscious mind may bring up painful memories less often
because it doesn’t need to get your attention anymore
now that the emotional charge has been removed.

That’s how The Emotion Code works! It is about creating a clean slate
for every man, woman and child on the whole planet.
That is our vision—to change the whole world with this, and you are part of that.
The goal is not to stop a person from ever feeling that particular emotion ever again,
but to create a cleaner slate so that when they do feel that emotion again,
they are not going to trap it and they will be able
to get the message that is coming from that.

So, our emotions, instead of our enemy, can be helpful to us
and they can guide us through life for a healthier experience.”
-Dr. Brad Nelson
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