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Energy Guided Healing

Energy Guided Healing is designed to release emotional pain (including grief)
and fill the heart chakra with Divine Love.

Here’s what can happen when you experience Radiant Heart Healing:

·       You feel a deep sense of inner peace, lighter, more uplifted

·       You have an improved ability to give and receive love

·       You have more confidence to change negative patterns

·       You’ll experience more Self Love

·       You will improve your intuitive abilities

·       And create a deeper connection with Spirit


Healing your heart can be one of the most important things you will ever do.
This unique and powerful process has four components:

1.    Releasing negative energies from your heart

2.    Filling your heart center with the energy of Divine love

3.    Having an experience of meaningful spirit communication

4.    Shifting to a spiritual perspective about life here on earth and the afterlife

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